Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

SocialBoom can help you develop a strong presence on social media and make your brand more credible by using a number of social media marketing strategies.

We specialize in offering high-quality services, pride ourselves in our excellent customer support and do our best to offer prices that are competitive and affordable.

We have worked with more than 100,000 satisfied customers. You can see what they have to say about us by checking the review section.

Here is why you should do business with us:

  1. We will never ask you to provide us with your social media login and password.
  2. We offer different safe payment methods. You can pay with a debit or ATM card, use a major credit card or make a payment via PayPal.
  3. We offer a money back guarantee if we cannot fulfill your order.
  4. We offer a retention guarantee to reassure you that you will get results on the long-term.

We are a social media marketing experts. We have developed an efficient approach over the past four years and work hard to keep our costs down.

We offer high-quality services at an affordable price so that you can easily develop your social media presence.

You can use PayPal, including all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and a PayPal Account credit.

We offer a money back guarantee on most of our services. This means we will offer a full refund if we don’t deliver.

There are a few exceptions and you should read our terms of service to find out more. You can ask for a full or for a partial refund if you feel that we did not deliver on what was promised.

All the services we offer are completely discreet and anonymous. People will not know that you used our services unless you decide to tell them.

We focus on making your brand more credible and will not do anything to harm your reputation.

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We require our employees to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Your information will always be kept safe. We will not share your information with any affiliates or third-parties.

The turnaround time varies in function of the service or plan you choose. You should see results within a day or two with most of the options you offer.

You can check the progression of the order you placed by looking at its status. There are different Order Statuses we use to let you know what is going on with your order:

Pending: Your order has been received, but we are still waiting for your payment.

Processing: Your order has been received and our Staff is going to review it. If you placed your order while our team is out (at night), you might have to wait up to 12 hours for your Order Status to change.

In Progress: Your information has been reviewed and everything looks good. Our Marketing Team will begin working on your order soon.

On Hold: Your order has been received but there is an issue with it. Check your emails for further instructions.

Complete: Your order has been completed. Congratulations!

Failed: We could not complete your order, either because the payment failed or because the order violated our Terms of Service. Contact us if you think we made a mistake.

Refunded: We started looking at your order or working on it but sent a refund, either because you requested one because we detected a fraud or for some other reason.

Canceled: Your order has been canceled without a refund. An order can be canceled by request or because it violates our Terms of Service.