How To Buy Facebook Likes (Fans) and Shares For Pages

Facebook Fan Page LikesAre you looking for new ways to increase Facebook page fans?

Have you ever think about buying some Facebook likes?

In this article, you’ll discover how to buy Facebook likes safe.

Did you know? Buying Facebook likes can…

  • increase online sales and conversions of an average of around 30 percent.
  • increase Facebook likes of an average of around 46 percent.

The addition of social widgets and counters on a website has been found to help even more.

This is part of what’s call the social credibility effect and the “band wagon” effect, which basically holds that something perceived positively by others will improve the attitudes of people towards that thing.

However, not all suppliers of these likes are the same.

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Tips to Buy Facebook Likes Safe

Buy Safe Facebook LikesSocial marketing is more akin to art then a science, meaning that there is no one universal solution.

A good rule of thumb is to do research beforehand and test out different services for yourself in small amounts before going for a larger order.

A good rule of thumb is to do research beforehand and test out different services for yourself in small amounts before going for a larger order.

Looking around for different reviews online can also be help, as can using the various free analytics options at the disposal of website owner.

With these tools you can test the amount of web traffic you get and examine the benefits one gets from buying Facebook likes and followers.

However, there are certain elements of social media marketing that are nearly universal when it comes to ranking social media marketing providers.

1 – The quality of likes can be quite varied

Many people selling Facebook likes operate overseas, often out of developing countries and tend to provide low quality and false likes that tend to banned from Facebook surprisingly quickly.

Some marketing services operate from the USA and are far more reputable and credible.

2 – Customer service is quite important as well

Some companies barely respond to emails. Other companies provide constant support options through multiple contact channels, such as email, phone calls and chat widgets.

It can be particular important for buyers to know that they can talk to a human being if they have any questions or problems with the service.

Ideally, one will avoid having any problems at all, but it can be reassuring to know customers can get helped if a problem does occur.

3 – Critically examining the services offered is also quite critical

Is the prospective company focused on only a few services or do they offer a wider range of social media marketing services to make it doubtful they are an expert on one.

Are they offering several other services you have likely never heard of?

Within each social media service, does the company provide just business page likes, or are they capable of providing likes on all of your photos and other posts?

Are they capable of helping you get more likes on a Facebook status update that plays into your online marketing efforts and brand identity building?

Getting an idea o the full scope of services offered is extremely useful in this regard and helps companies make more informed decisions.

4 – Many companies selling Facebook likes specialize in mass producing fake likes

They use automated programs that create accounts to like businesses and post. However, these accounts are often eventually discovered and banned.

With these services, you will likely may a very cheap price for Facebook likes that end up fading away from your page after about a week or two.

Paying a bit more for high quality, long term support for your social media marketing efforts that comes with responsive customer service and a guarantee is oftentimes a good trade off for some companies.

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5 – Some companies simply do not have any credibility at all

Their webpages are often very low quality and usually contain broken English and poor grammar.

These companies tend to falsely represent themselves as being able to get only United States likes while the company itself is located elsewhere in the world, and the company employees themselves do not know English very well.

They tend to have many poor reviews on online customer review services.

Guarantee Satisfaction6 – Service Guarantees

A company willing to provide a money back guarantee is usually far more trustworthy than one that doesn’t stand by their work enough to ensure the job is done right.

A company willing to provide solid long term support and some kind of retention promise is often easier to trust with money.

Another indicator of trustworthiness is the company’s capacity to offer lower cost, smaller options to allow customers to try the service before selling larger packages that can cost upwards of 1,000 USD.

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Likes vs. Fans

“Page Likes” and “Fans” on Facebook are more or less the same thing in certain regards.

Users that come to your Facebook page choose to like your presence on Facebook, be it for a brand, business or community, are considered by Facebook’s systems to be fans.

To be taken seriously on Facebook, one should have a large number of likes when compared to a company’s competition or similar pages.

Studies have shown that conversions and credibility increases by up to 80 percent if a page has a very large number of likes.

The Good and Bad Elements of Buying Likes

Buying likes on Facebook is generally a thing that will have a very clear benefit for your business.

Were this not the case there would not be so many businesses in the world buying likes.

Your pages will rank higher in search engines, more customers will be able to find your business amid the white noise of the internet and people visiting your page will see a large number of fans and be impressed, a phenomenon called social proof.

These are among the many advantages of buying likes. But it is a good idea to be careful and do your research into a company you’re considering hiring to represent your business on Facebook.