Buy Real Safe YouTube Views (100% Legit)

Buy Safe Youtube ViewsBuying YouTube views is a very popular, quick and easy way of getting more views for your videos.

Unfortunately, if you don’t really know what you’re doing or don’t know who you are purchasing from, it can be risky as well.

Not all video views are equal.

In order to help you succeed with YouTube, you do need to ensure that you buy real views and avoid the many scams and fakes that are out there.

There are many great services in addition to some bad apples as well.

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Step by Step Video Shows How To Buy YouTube Views

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Should You Buy YouTube Views?

Should You Buy YouTube ViewsCompared to traditional YouTube video marketing methods, buying views is a kind of shortcut technique.

In our professional experience, buying views makes it much faster and easier to market videos.

However, if you purchase views from cheap or disreputable providers or don’t approach it right, it can be very risky and dangerous.

Selecting a good YouTube Marketing company that will market your videos to your intended target audience and get you the necessary exposure for your video is key to your success, and is exactly what we are all looking for.

Safe Way To Buy YouTube Views

Buying Youtube Views Benefits Cons of Buying Youtube ViewsTo assist you in making an informed decision, we have come up with the main Pros and Cons for purchasing YouTube Views.

This will allow you to decide for yourself what the best option is for you.

Make sure to continue reading the free tips below to help you learn how to market your YouTube videos effectively, obtain subscribers and perhaps even see them go viral!

Just about everything has two sides to it, especially when it comes to the controversial “Buy YouTube Views” marketplace.

As experienced Video Marketing Specialists, we are aware of what works well and what doesn’t.

Our detailed list of all of the Pros and Cons can be found below. Read them carefully, and make up your own mind if this type of service is right for your business.


  • Buying Youtube Views BenefitsIt is an excellent way to Jump-Start a YouTube Video. Rather that starting out at zero views, you have the ability to start with a couple thousands, to get things rolling quickly.
  • Your Social Credibility is strengthened. Simply put, you will appear more reputable, so it is more likely that individuals will take you seriously, view your video and make purchases from your business or company if you have products for sale.
  • Increases the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing Campaigns. It is true that you if look to be more reputable (as we mentioned above) it will make your marketing campaigns (both off and on social networks) a lot more efficient.
  • Online Conversions and Sales on average increase by 27% for both Leads and eCommerce.
  • Organic YouTube Views on average increase by 40%. View Count tells viewers whether a video is worth watching or not.
  • You get better search engine rankings (Google).
  • Your video is suggested more often by YouTube, which will help you to attract even more views for your video.


  • Cons of Buying Youtube ViewsYouTube Views aren’t targeted by topic. Although it is possible to target views by country, a majority of views that you buy will not directly result in leads or conversions. (However we’ve seen some exceptions)
  • These services only give you a boost. To achieve lasting success, you still are gong to need to market to and engage with your target audience.
  • Purchasing YouTube views isn’t the most acceptable practice. Therefore, if you do decide to do it you need to keep quiet about it.
  • Scams are widespread. They are lots of providers offering low quality, cheap video views. Usually those views are delivered by bots and make result in your video being removed and your account being banned.

Buying Youtube Views Is Adsense Safe?

Adsense SafeIf you buy real views, yes it is.

But because you can’t monetize those views we recommend that you turn off Adsense during the process.

To monetize videos you need clicks on ads and you won’t get it buying views.

When a video starts getting lots of views but can’t convert those views into clicks, this can cause a drop in the click-through rates of your Adsense account.

Your best bet is turn off Adsense adds. You can turn back on afterward.

Buying Youtube views will give your video an instant jump start.

It will allow your video to achieve better search rankings, become more popular and suggested by YouTube more frequently, which in turn will help you attract an even greater number of views to your video.

We have tested it and it does actually work.

Can It Get You Into Trouble?

Is It Risk Buy Youtube ViewsNo. Are you surprised by that?

YouTube may not like it, however your video can’t be removed and you can’t get banned if you decide to purchase views.

Really, it’s true.

The worst thing that could happen is you could lose views if it is determined by YouTube that they are suspicious.

That usually occurs when you choose a low-quality provider to purchase your views from.

Safe Place to Buy YouTube Views

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How To Get More Organic Views

Although purchasing views is a great way to give a quick boost to your video, it is very important to not place all your eggs into one basket.

There are many different ways to gain more views, more attention and more exposure.

We have compiled some of the easiest, creative and most effective ways to start to market your YouTube Videos and begin to built an incredible subscriber base.

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Get Your Video Optimized And Start To Rank

The best way of obtaining views for your video is through search and not by going viral.

Ranking well on relevant, popular keywords can help to attract viewers on a continual basis to your video for a very long time – unlike when you go viral and get just a one time spike in video views.

Ranking well begins with optimizing your video for your most valuable keywords. We have compiled a good comprehensive guide for how to optimize your video.

If you would like to obtain more views on a daily basis, then it is highly recommended, and best of all it is absolutely free!

Are You Having Second Thoughts?

Buy Youtube Views WorthNot a problem!

Buy YouTube Views isn’t for everybody, and really it is only a jump start.

Check out our guides for getting more views and subscribers naturally and (with a little hard work) be successful on YouTube!

Check out our Advice and Tips for Obtaining More Natural YouTube Views – it is very helpful and should be read by anybody getting started with YouTube.